TM-335 3-Channel 35-Watt Mixer / Amplifier



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Compact Mixer/Amplifiers (TM)

Ashly enters the commercial sound electronics segment honoring the commitment of providing quality audio products to this growing marketplace. 

The TM Series of compact tabletop mixer/amplifiers are the products of choice in small restaurants, retail stores, bistros, convenience stores and mini-marts and school classrooms. The TM-360 is a 3-Input 60 Watt mixer/amplifier that offers input and output flexibility coupled with energy efficiency. Each can be used as a desktop unit or conveniently rack-mounted and tucked away.

Automatically switch into a stand-by mode if no audio input is received for 25 minutes, thus reducing the current draw. The TM-360 uses a Class D amplifier topology for added energy efficiency. Input options include selectable mic or line level, telephone and dual RCA sum-to-mono. 

The TM-335 is a 3-input 35 Watt mixer/amplifier. Like the TM-360, it features your choice of mic, line, dual RCA sum-to-mono or telephone inputs. Rear panel dip-switches set input priorities and trigger the ducking circuit. 


Power 60W 35W
Total Inputs 3 3
Mic Input(s) 1 3
Line/RCA 2 1
Telephone Page Y N
1/8″ Mini-Jack Y (front panel) Y (rear panel)
Tone Control Y Y
Aux Zone Output 1 0
High-Z Outputs - 120V AC 70V or 25V 70V or 25V
High-Z Outputs - 240V AC 100V or 70V 100V or 70V
16 ohm N Y (25V)
4/8 ohm Y Both
25V Y Y
Music-On-Hold Y N
Rack-Mount Kit Accessory RMK-360 RMK-335
Rack Space 1U x 1 2U x 1
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Special Features Priority override
Automatic Sleep Mode
400 Hz HPF for paging horns
Efficient Class D Design
3 Mic Pre Inputs