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 M 502 is a multipurpose two-way twin-woofer full-range speaker system, suitable in a wide range of installations.
The compactness, together with the elegant and neutral design with accurate finishing make M 502 suitable for almost any environment and architectural constraint.
Available mounting accessories allow you to use the M 502 wall or ceiling mounted, with reference to the several possible applications.
The M 502 has a controlled coverage through its twin 5" and the precise constant directivity horn. The SPL and the level of undistorted sound the M 502 can reach is far above any expectation from such a compact solution.
The M 502 features high sensitivity thanks to the use of oversized magnets and a comfortable sound quality with smooth and wide frequency response performed thanks to the Kapton diaphragm compression driver loaded with a constant directivity horn.
The LICC crossover design includes an electronic protection on high frequency device.


  • High Quality 2-way passive loudspeaker
  • High Power Handling ‘Low Impedance Compensated Crossover', with electronic protection for the driver
  • Steel Front Grille with robust double mesh polyester clothing
  • Rotatable RCF front logo
  • Installation points are available on the rear panel, top and bottom
  • All models have a 4-pin EUROBLOCK connector (audio input and parallel link output)
Acoustical Specifications
  • Frequency Response -10 dB:80 Hz ÷ 20 kHz
  • Max SPL @ 1m:116 dB
  • Horizontal coverage angle:90°
  • Vertical coverage angle:90°
  • Directivity index; Q:9
  • System Sensitivity:92 dB
  • Nominal Impedance:8 Ω
  • Power Handling:100 W
  • Peak Power Handling:400 W
  • Recommended Amplifier:200 W
  • Protections:Dynamic
  • Crossover frequencies:2300 Hz
  • Compression Driver:1" HFdriver, 1.5" voice coil
  • Nominal Impedance:8 Ω
  • Input Power Rating:25 W AES
  • Sensitivity:106 dB
  • Woofer:2 x 5.5" Woofer, 1.2" voice coil
  • Nominal Impedance:16 Ω
  • Input Power Rating:80 W AES
  • Sensitivity:88 dB
Input Section
  • Input connector:4-pin EUROBLOCK
  • Cabinet Material:MDF 12 mm
  • Hardware:6 x M6, 2 x M10
  • Grille:Steel, with a robust double mesh polyester clothing
  • Colour:Black
Physical Specifications
  • Height:470 / 18.50 mm/inch
  • Width:175 / 6.88 mm/inch
  • Depth:185 / 7.28 mm/inch
  • Net Weight:7.5 / 16.5 kg/lbs