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The woofer/horn/woofer design of L3t and L3m, a studio reference monitor configuration, reflects years of research and has multiple benefits over a traditional two-way 12” woofer and horn design. In L3t and L3m, one 10” driver is optimized for low frequencies, and the other for low- to mid-frequencies, delivering maximum detail and performance where needed. The combined radiating surface area of two 10” drivers is nearly 40% greater than a single 12”, resulting in the movement of more air. The lighter cone and mass of 10” drivers also result in more dynamic low frequency transient response overall.

With the 10” driver handling more of the critical vocal range, the output is incredibly smooth, musical and natural throughout the spectrum. The 10” driver in L3t and L3m has a greater mid-high frequency range than a typical 12” speaker, which allows a higher crossover point to the high-frequency driver. Finally, a dual 10” driver design improves thermal management, as heat is now dissipated from two voice coils rather than one, resulting in high-performance durability.

A precision-engineered 100x50-degree constant-directivity waveguide delivers consistent coverage throughout its entire frequency range, ensuring everyone in the audience gets the same acoustic experience. The 100-degree horizontal dispersion is wide enough for solo use yet controlled enough for arrayed pairs. The 50-degree vertical coverage reduces acoustic smear from reflective sound surfaces, as minimal energy is reflected off of ceilings and floors.

The high driver uses class AB amplification, which delivers analog tone and handles clipping gracefully. The low drivers utilize Class D amplification, which reproduces the bass with excellent dynamics and plenty of on-demand power.