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L6 LINK™ is a powerful proprietary connection developed by Line 6 to enable easy one-cable connectivity between a variety of Line 6 products. It passes both audio and control data via a single cable connection, and the resulting operation allows users to receive many incredible advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products use L6 LINK?

Currently POD HD300, HD400 and HD500 guitar multi-effect pedals, and DT50 amplifiers use L6 LINK.

How does it work?

L6 LINK uses a single XLR-type cable to send pristine digital audio in one direction (i.e. from a POD HD500 to a DT50) and control information in two directions (i.e. between a POD HD500 and a DT50).

Can you give me a real-world example?

When you connect a POD HD multi-effect pedal to a DT50 guitar amplifier via L6 LINK, turning a tone knob on one will affect the tone of the other.

Since all “control information” (tone knob settings, amp component settings, etc) pass back and forth between the POD HD and DT50, you can control your rig from your amp or your multi-effect and save those settings to a preset in the POD HD for instant recall.

What kind of cable does L6 LINK use?

L6 LINK works with a standard XLR cable. Because the quality and manufacturing processes of XLR cables vary widely, we can’t guarantee the performance of any particular XLR cable. However, if you are looking for a cable to use with L6 LINK, we recommend the Classic Series Microphone Cable (25 ft.) from Planet Waves, which was among the best we tested.

Why is an L6 LINK connection between a POD HD multi-effect pedal and a DT50 amplifier better than a standard cable connection between the POD HD and any other amp?

  • Complete analog and digital switching a single stomp. Selection of a POD HD amp model or preset automatically optimizes the switchable analog circuitry of DT50 amplifiers. You get the best modeling coming through an optimal alignment of Class A or Class A/B operation, biasing method, negative feedback loop topology, Triode/Pentode operation of the power tubes, and more. The stage is set for incredible tone.
  • Easy editing and recall. Tweak POD HD presets by turning knobs on the DT50. Then save it on the POD HD for perfect recall every time.
  • No ground loops. You’ll never get ground loop hum from an L6 LINK connection!

Are there other ways to connect other than L6 LINK?

All POD® products can connect to amps, recording devices and mixing boards using standard outputs. L6 LINK is an additional option for use with other Line 6 gear.

Can I daisy-chain amps with L6 LINK?

Yes! Connect additional DT50 amps downstream via L6 LINK and the first amp in your chain will automatically be “aware” of the connected amps. Daisy-chain amps in conjunction with a POD HD multi-effect pedal and your effects will route intelligently. (For complete details, see the DT50 Advanced User Guide and the POD HD Advanced User Guide.)

How many DT50 amps can a POD HD300/400/500 support via L6 LINK?

Each POD HD multi-effect pedal can support up to four DT50 amps, but in different ways.

POD HD500 supports four independent channels of audio, all of which can be routed independently to separate DT50 amps. (This makes it possible to create elaborate combinations such as a “wet/dry/wet” rig – one “dry” amp in the center and two “wet” amps left and right with stereo effects.)

POD HD300 and HD400 support two discrete channels of audio. With two DT50 amps connected, you automatically get “left” and “right” (think instant stereo rig). If a third or fourth amp is added, “left” and “right” repeat.