Crown XTI4002 650 Watts @ 8 Ohms Power Amplifier



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There's no debate – when you choose Crown's XTi 2 Series, you're choosing one of the most powerful and innovative amplifiers on the market today. That's because the all-new XTi 2 Series amps continue to set the standard for unmatched performance and value, delivering the goods night after night without breaking a sweat.
•Peakx Plus™ Limiters provide the ultimate in system performance and protection by allowing full control over threshold, attack, and release
•Enhanced Subharmonic Synth section provides user control over frequency, gain and filter type for system-specific tuning
•3 User-defined fan mode controls – normal, early and fullspeed – for matching fan performance to a specific application
•New system monitoring provides software visibility of AC line voltage and power supply temperature
•Integrated cast-aluminum handles for easy handling and enhanced durability
•Locking power cord clip provides a secure connection between the amplifier and power cord
•Updated HiQnet Band Manager™ and System Architect™ control software
•Increased number of presets to a total of 50; 49 of which are user definable

Integrated Processing:

Input EQ
•6 parametric filters per channel with adjustable Q, ±15 dB boost/cut. Also adjustable high and low shelving filters. This 8-filter EQ section can be bypassed.
Crossover Filters
•Highpass and Lowpass per channel. Butterworth 6/12/18/24 dB per octave. Linkwitz-Riley 24/48 dB per Octave. Also includes ± 15 dB bandpass gain and polarity control.
Output EQ
•8 parametric filters per channel with adjustable Q, ±15 dB boost/cut. This 8-filter EQ section can be bypassed.
•For signal alignment of driver; 50 mS of total delay.
SubHarmonic Synth
•Takes the low-frequency content of the input signal and "synthesizes" a new signal that is the same as the input signal but one octave lower. The new synthesized signal is then mixed with the original signal to create the effect. New: Users now have control over frequency, gain, and filter type.
Peakx™ Plus Limiter
•User defeatable limiter that allows users to control Threshold, Attack, and Release times.
•50 total presets, 49 of which are user-definable.

Input/Output Connectors
•Input Connectors: XLR, one per channel
•Link/Out Connector: Loop-thru signal from input connector for linking another amplifier, one per channel.
•Output Connectors: Two Neutrik® Speakon® NL4MP output connectors. Channel-1 Speakon® is wired with Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 outputs for use with optional single 4-conductor cable. Two binding post outputs (in parallel with Speakon® connectors).
•HiQnet™ USB Connector: Type B, connects to HiQnet™ network.


nsitivity (for full rated power at 4 ohms)

1.4 Vrms

Frequency Response (at 1 watt, 20 Hz - 20 kHz)

+0 dB, –1 dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (below rated 1kHz power at 8 ohms)

XTi1002/2002/4002: 100 dB (A weighted)
XTi6002: 103 dB (A weighted)

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

< 0.5%

Damping Factor 20 Hz to 1 kHz

> 500

Crosstalk (below rated power)

20 kHz - 1 kHz: > 70 db

Input Impedance (nominal)

20k ohms balanced, 10k ohms unbalanced

Maximum Input Signal

+22 dBu typical

AC Line Voltage and Frequency Configurations

100 VAC, 120 VAC, 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

AC Line Current
(120 VAC amplifier playing 1/8 power pink noise into 4 ohms per ch)

XTi1002: 6.8A; no more than 38W at idle
XTi2002: 8.3A; no more than 38W at idle
XTi4002: 10.5A; no more than 38W at idle
XTi6002: 15.3A; no more than 180W at idle

Operating Temperature

0°C to 40°C at 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)



Model 2-ohm 4-ohm 8-ohm 4-ohm 8-ohm
1002 700W 500W 275W 1,400W 1,000W
2002 1,000W 800W 475W 2,000W 1,600W
4002 1,600W 1,200W 650W 3,200W 2,400W
6002 3,000W 2,100W 1,200W 6,000W 4,200W