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iBOX FULL-RANGE SYSTEMS  (IHP-3594 Configured-to-Order CALL 213-330-0457)

Trapezoidal full-range systems of premium quality. Features include: large format 1.4" exit HF compression driver, cast frame driver, 13-ply plywood, standard black or white paint finish, arrayable profile, 23 x M10 load-rated rigging points, 4 x M8 mounting points for OmniMountTM inserts. Standard indoor

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installation iBOX systems are equipped with a switchable Passive/Bi-amp input module. The input panel includes dual locking-type terminal strip. Two-way full-range systems feature rotatable horns. An extensive range of hardware options are available.

iBOX High Performance, 3-Way, 15-Inch, 90 x 40, Black

Three-way, 45 Hz - 18 kHz, 60° H x 40° V
LF 1 x 15", MF 1 x 8", HF 1 x 1.4", black paint finish
600W RMS, 1500W PGM, 8 ohm (Passive mode)
MF/HF 100W RMS, 250W PGM, LF 600W RMS, 1500PGM, 8 ohm (Bi-amp mode) 23 x M10 rigging points, 4 x M8 for OmniMountTM 240 Series

IHP-3594 Configured-to-Order CALL 213-330-0457

Configure-to-order options include unfinished enclosures ready for painting
or staining, horizontal orientation with the HF horn rotated 60 degrees, custom cable length, custom color exterior finish based on RAL number or color sample, and bi-amp mode operation for weather-resistant models. Contact SOLID DESIGN AUDIO for lead time and pricing. Configure-to-order options are custom manufactured and are not returnable; deposit required.