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 Compact, Full-Range Systems For Permanent Installation


Check out the ultra-tiny CPL23 single 8" CoAx and CPL27 dual 8" CoAx, available in black and white versions either with or without a 70V transformer. these systems exhibit exceptional performance and natural vocal clarity with low profile good looks for corporate, A/V, house of worship, restaurant, and retail installation.

• Karaoke Clubs, Health Clubs
• Offices, Classrooms, Meeting rooms
• A/V systems, Retail Environments
• Amusement Parks
• Supplementary coverage for Houses of Worship,
Auditoriums, Theatres, Music and Dance Clubs
• Distributed systems
• Magnetically shielded for A/V
• Low “Q” dispersion
• Coaxially mounted HF Driver
• PowerSense™ DDP
• Ultra Compact Trapezoidal Enclosure
• Easy mounting with included Yoke
The CPL23 is an ultra-compact, two-way full-range
loudspeaker system with one 8 in. LF driver and one 1 in.
dome HF driver coaxially mounted to the LF driver. This
direct radiating loudspeaker is engineered for systems where
high performance, cost-effectiveness and versatility are
needed in a small package. The ultra-compact CPL
loudspeakers are optimized for background / foreground
music systems with enhanced announcement capability.
Ultra-compact CPL systems have an integral steel mounting
yoke and are available in either a white or black finish. They
may be ordered with a 70V option that includes a 60 W
transformer with taps at 60 W, 30 W, 15 W and 7.5 W. Five
year limited warranty.
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Specifications subject to change without notice.
The loudspeaker system shall be a two-way, full-range bass reflex trapezoidal design with one 8 in. woofer and one 1 in. exit HF
dome driver coaxially mounted to the LF speaker. Drivers shall be connected to an integral crossover with a crossover frequency of
2 kHz and integral over-current protection circuitry using high positive current coefficient resistors. There shall be one NL4
compatible [not on 'T' model] and one two-terminal [five-terminal] barrier strip input connectors [and one 70V, 60W transformer].
The loudspeaker enclosure shall be MDF with a 16 gauge perforated steel grille {with a white cloth cover} and finished with black
{white} paint. The system shall have an amplitude response of 70 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 5 dB), input capability of 28V RMS, 87 dB
sensitivity at one meter and 2.83V / 8 ohms [83, 167, 333, and 667 ohms] nominal impedance. The nominal dispersion shall be 90°
H x 90° V from 1 kHz to 8 kHz. The loudspeaker shall be 11.8 in. (300 mm) H x 9.7 in. (247 mm) W (front) x 5.6 in. (142 mm) W
(rear) x 12.3 in. (314 mm) D and weigh 16 lbs. (7.3 kg).