Blizzard StormChaser LED RGBW strip wash / pixel / effect fixture

Blizzard Lighting


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StormChaser™ - Way Bright / Way Affordable / Way Versitile / Way Fun. 

StormChaser™ is an ultra-cool combination RGBW strip wash / pixel / effect fixture powered by 252 10mm Red/Green/Blue/White LEDs (63 each).  Great color mixing from its RGBW LEDs, plus the ultimate in flexibility thanks to user selectable 2/7/10/31-channel DMX modes PLUS, 16-built in chase sequences -- StormChaser™ is a triple threat! 


Thanks to its flexible DMX architechture, the StormChaser™ can easily start the night as a RGBW color mixer, then change to a fast-paced effect fixture, and end up as a pixel fixture with 7 individually controllable RGBW pixels!  The StormChaser adapts easily, all the way from 2 DMX channels including sound active in DMX mode to 7 and 10 channel modes for RGBW color mixing or 7-pixel dimming control, to 31-channel mode for full RGBW, 7-pixel control! 

StormChaser™ is backed by Blizzard's 2-year warranty and is built with high-quality materials both inside and out.  Check one... or two... or ten out today! 



  •  RGBW color mixing via 252 high power 10mm Red/Green/Blue/White LEDs 
  •  Variable electronic strobe
  •  Super-flexible 2/7/10/31-channel "selectable-on-the-fly" DMX architecture
  •  16 built-in chase patterns with variable speed control.
  •  7 Fixture segments are independently or globally controllable for flexibility in creating chases and infinite color palettes!
  •  Built-in color & chase macros via DMX
  •  Built-in automated programs via master/slave & DMX
  •  Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave & DMX
  •  4 different DMX control modes for ultimate control flexibility
  •  LED Control Panel


  •  Lux: 3,250 @ 1m
  •  Light source: 252x 10mm high-power Red/Green/Blue/White LEDs, 100,000hrs (63 each)
  •  Power and current: 120V, 60Hz: 30W, 0.2A operating, 0.225A inrush, PF 0.9
  •  AC power: 100-230V 50/60Hz
  •  Weight: 5.5lbs (2.5kg)
  •  Size:  42.3in x 3.5in x 2.5in (1070mm x 88mm x 65mm)

  •  StormChaser™ User Manual (Rev B)
  •  StormChaser™ User Manual (Rev C)
  •  StormChaser™ Cutsheet