Blizzard Lighting LightCaster™ W-DMX™ 2.4 GHz Wireless SYSTEM Transceiver or Receiver

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LightCaster™ W-DMX™ 2.4 GHz Wireless System399.99


It's the Ultimate Plug-and-Play Wireless W-DMX™ Solution!

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of yet another exciting new wireless DMX offering with the LightCaster™ W-DMX™ 2.4 GHz wireless system; which consists of a W-DMX™ transceiver, and at least one W-DMX™ receiver (or another transceiver unit) to receive the signal. For those not already familiar with W-DMX™, it is a two-time award winning wireless DMX technology, created and owned by Wireless Solution Sweden AB... and is today the un-official standard for those that require the most dependable product available for transmitting lighting control data wirelessly.

Users of the LightCaster™ W-DMX™ system can expect an outstanding wireless range of up to 500 meters (line-of-sight) for any of their DMX512 compliant equipment, and leave any worries behind concerning loss of signal due to its built-in FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum). FHSS are frequency hopping techniques, in which the transmitter jumps from sub-channel to another at a very rapid pace. This technique was first used by the U.S. military precisely because they are difficult to disrupt, and unless you knew the frequency hopping sequence, practically impossible to intercept.

Setting up a wireless DMX system with LightCaster™ W-DMX™ is a very simple procedure, with each of the two units having only a single function control button and a power, DMX, and mode status LED indicator. Users simply power on a transceiver to act as the transmitter, choose one of three modes (frequencies), then power on any number of receivers and the system will automatically sync together. For multiple transmitter setups, it's as simple as choosing a different frequency group for the next transceiver, then powering up the next receiver or a group of receivers. An unlimited number of receivers can be controlled by each transceiver, each one able to control 512 channels of DMX (1 universe).

Endless setup possibilities can be achieved by using either point-2-point, or multipoint-2-multipoint operation:

  • Basic point-2-point systems are used when you want to send wireless DMX data from a console to a single receiver. As the receiver accepts all 512 DMX channels from the transceiver, you can easily daisy chain more fixtures by cable from the fixture with the wireless connection.
  • Up to 16 universes of DMX can be transmitted simultaneously using a multipoint to multipoint approach. All receivers in a multipoint system will listen only to the designated transmitter without any delays or interference from the systems working alongside.

Each LightCaster™ W-DMX™ unit also features an integrated clamp for mounting to 2" truss, is housed in a durable anodized aluminum casing, and equipped with a POWERCON™ compatible power connection, so no wall wart is necessary.

LightCaster™ W-DMX™ units are now available for immediate shipping.

Retail price of the LightCaster™ W-DMX™ transceiver is $399.99, and the receiver is $299.99.

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