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MINIMA ONE SELF POWERED The P-S18E-R is a high output self powered subwoofer system designed to provide high fidelity extended low frequency audio reproduction from a relatively small enclosure. The P-S18E-R provides perfectly flat response down to 8 Hertz when used in conjunction with the 8 Hertz Integrator. Designed for portable use, the P-S18E-R is finished in durable Ro-Tex and includes handles, a black coated steel grille and a pole mount adapter.





18 mm 13-ply birch plywood

Low Frequency Transducer:
18" INFRA cone
3" Voice coil
120 oz. Magnet

Internal Amplification:
1-Minima One

16 Gauge black vinyl coated perforated steel

Standard Hardware:
2 - Recessed handles
1 - 35mm Pole mount adapter
4 - Machined aluminum speaker
mounting clamps

Optional Hardware:
Rigging points

System Type:
INFRA Sealed chamber (3 cu. ft.)

48k Ohms Balanced XLR inputs with loop through

Input CAL Sensitivity:

System Power:
500 W continuous
w/system limiter

Frequency Response:
60 Hz to 250 Hz +/-3 dB
w/External Infra Integrator
8 Hz to 95 Hz +/-3 dB

Hi Pass Filter Frequency Switchable:
-6dB @ 8 Hz, @ 50 Hz, @ 95 Hz

Crossover Network:
Requires external INFRA Integrator for 8 Hz Response

Maximum Acoustic Output
Half Space @ 1 Meter
10 Hz - 91 dBSPL
20 Hz - 103 dBSPL
40 Hz - 115 dBSPL
80 Hz - 124 dBSPL

LED Indicators:
Green, On
Yellow, System Limit
Red, System Fault or Sleep Mode

AC Power Requirements:
88 Volts Minimum
270 Volts Maximum



Standard Finish:
Black Ro-Tex Finish

21"h x 22"w x 18"d
54 cm x 56 cm x 46 cm

75 lbs.
34 kg

Shipping Dimensions:
24" x 25" x 21"
61 cm x 64 cm x 54 cm

Shipping Weight:
83 lbs.
38 kg