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The Bag End INFRA-MXB system module is a two-channel loudspeaker controller designed for stere 2-way operation with a mono sum INFRA low frequency output. The INFRA-MXB incorporates the INFRA dual integrator, frequency dividing, and system protection in an easily operated configuration where the system parameters are internally preset or available on front panel rotary controls.

• 18Hz INFRA dual integrator
• CVR hi pass limiting
• INFRA Dynamic Filter
• Balanced inputs
• Internal frequency modifications
• Convenient front panel controls
• 2-way stereo or 3-way mono mode
• Use INFRA output with INFRA Loudspeakers only

General Specifications
 • Input Connectors: XLR female
 • Input Configuration: Balanced
 • Alternate Input Configuration: Unbalanced
 • Maximum Input Signal: 4.5V (+16 dBu)
 • Output Connectors: XLR male
 • Output Configuration: Unbalanced
 • Maximum Output Signal: 4.5V (+16 dBm)
 • Nominal Output Impedance: 50 ohms
 • Power-on Indication: Green LED
 • Operating Input Voltage: 12-15 VDC
 • Operating Current Required: 200 mA
 • Input Voltage Connector: Miniature DC 2.5 mm
 • Input Voltage Polarity: Center pin +

INFRA Specifications
 • Maximum INFRA Gain: 10 dB
 • Maximum INFRA Attenuation: 10 dB
 • INFRA Cutoff Frequency Programming: Plug in resistors
 • INFRA Cutoff Frequency: 8Hz to 40Hz, factory set to 18Hz
 • INFRA Output Mode: Sum in Stereo Mode
 • Nominal Dynamic Filter Threshold: 0 dBu Output
 • Minimum Dynamic Filter Threshold: -10 dBu Output
 • Maximum Dynamic Filter Threshold: +10 dBu Output
 • Maximum Dynamic Filter Reduction Capability at 18Hz: 30 dB
 • Dynamic Filter Threshold Exceeded Indication: Red LED
 • INFRA Circuit Noise: <-90 dBu (20Hz to 20kHz)
 • INFRA Dynamic Range: >105 dB (20Hz to 20kHz) (bandwidth unweighted)

Hi Pass Specifications
 • Maximum Hi Pass Gain: 10 dB
 • Maximum Hi Pass Attenuation: 10 dB
 • Hi Pass Filter Frequency Programming: Plug In Resistors
 • Factory Set Hi Pass Filter Frequency: -3 dB @ 130 Hz/-6 dB @ 97 Hz
 • Hi Pass Filter Frequency Range: 50 Hz to 200 Hz
 • Hi Pass Filter Slope: 12 dB/octave
 • Hi Pass Circuit Noise: <-85 dBu (20Hz to 20kHz)
 • Hi Pass Dynamic Range: >105 dB (20Hz to 20kHz) (bandwidth unweighted)

Physical Specfications
 • Enclosure: Black powder coated steel
 • Enclosure Mounting: 1U EIA rack (1.75")
 • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.75" x 19" x 5.25"
 • Weight: 5 lbs
 • Shipping Dimensions: 6" x 22" x 12"
 • Shipping Weight: 7 lbs