ASHLY KLR 5000 Power Amp



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The two-channel power amplifier shall incorporate the latest amplifier technology to deliver a minimum power of 2,500 Watts per channel into 2 Ohm loads, 1,700 Watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohm loads, or 1,000 WattsRMS per channel into 8 Ohm loads with both channels operating. The amplifiershall have rear panel switching for parallel mono and bridging modes. When switched into bridged-mono mode, the amplifier it shall deliver 5,000 Watts into a 4 Ohm load. The amplifier protection shall include output over-current, DC output, chassis temperature, and an internal mains fuse. Frequency response shall be 20Hz to 20kHz (1W @ 8 Ohms). The Signal-to-Noise Ratio shall be greater than 110dB at rated power into 8 Ohms(unweighted). THD shall be less than 0.05% into 4 Ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz and 10dB below rated power. The amplifier shall have a channel attenuator for each input on the front panel and input sensitivity select switch, a high-pass filter switch and limiter enable switch on the rear panel. The inputs shall be of balanced bridging type with XLR, ¼” TRS, and 3-pin euroblock connectors. The outputs shall be four pin Speakon type connectors. L.E.D type indicators shall be employed to show the relative power level of each channel, clip/protect and power on/off. Self contained forced air cooling (front in) shall be used with front panel mounted, removable dust filters. The power amplifier shall weigh 28.2lbs/12.8kg net and mount in a standard 19 inch rack using two spaces (3.5 inches high). The power requirement shall be 110 – 125VAC, 50 – 60Hz. The power amplifier shall be the Ashly KLR-5000

The KLR Series delivers performance with the best signal/noise ratios of any amp in it's category. Stable down to 2Ω, not only are KLRs covered by Ashly's 5-Year Warranty, they're built to last. Ashly's expertise in construction and switching power supplies means lower weight than amplifiers with conventional input sections. Dollars for Watts, the KLR Series of amplifiers is a tremendous value for those who crave straight-up, high quality power amplifiers


KLR Downloads

Model Description Data Sheet Manual A&E Specs Front
Line Art Front Line Art Back
KLR-2000 2-Channel, 1000W @ 2 Ohm / 600W @ 4 Ohm Amplifier, 2U PDF > PDF > DOC > JPG > JPG > DXF > DXF >
KLR-3200 2-Channel, 1600W @ 2 Ohm / 1100W @ 4 Ohm Amplifier, 2U JPG > JPG > DXF > DXF >
KLR-4000 2-Channel, 2000W @ 2 Ohm / 1400W @ 4 Ohm Amplifier, 2U JPG > JPG > DXF > DXF >
KLR-5000 2-Channel, 2500W @ 2 Ohm / 1700W @ 4 Ohm Amplifier, 2U JPG > JPG > DXF > DXF >